Laundry bags extend the life of your clothes. Store out-of season clothes in dust-proof, moth-proof bags. Keep expensive clothing protected year 'round. The clear poly plastic lets you see what's inside. Contour shaped to fit easily over any hanger. Guard against dirt, dust, discoloration and odors.

Laundry Bags

Poly laundry bags are inexpensive, lightweight and protect clothing. The standard line of clear poly bags come in 120 gauge, while our heavy weight poly bags feature 160 gauge plastic. They come with generous side gussets for multiple or bulky garments. Laundry bags are available either printed or non printed on a roll and they are perforated for easy tear off. Stock transparent poly laundry bags are available in sizes from 15" x 18" + 3" to the duvet size 48"x24" + 4". Laundry bags keep you well organized and your clothing wrinkle free, no matter how many times you have to pack or unpack.

Where to buy good laundry bags

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Polybags - laundry bags

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Laundry bags on a Roll

Rolls of clear, 70 gauge gusseted polythene, perforated for easy tear-off with a shaped top. 83cm (24 in.) wide and available in three lengths:

  • 91cm (36 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 650 bags
  • 120cm (48 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 500 bags
  • 152 cm (60 in.) supplied on a roll of approximately 400 bags

Options for Garment Covers or Laundry Film

There are variety of choices when it comes to Garment Covers. So, we hope to fill you in with all possible options to narrow your selection and help you find the right garment covers for your requirement.

  1. Material
    • Low density polythene (LDPE)
    • Linear low density polythene (LLDPE)
    • High density polythene (HDPE)
    • Recycled polythene
    • Degradable polythene
    • Biodegradable polythene
  2. Appearance
    • Light/Tint coloured
    • Opaque coloured
    • Clear
  3. Plain or printed 'Garment Covers'
    • Plain
    • Printed in 1 colour
    • Printed in 2 colour
    • Printed in 3 colour
  4. Folding/Packing options
    • Individually cut covers - Single covers
    • Gussetted
    • Perforated on roll

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